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What is Kenwilboy FX?

Kenwilboy FX is the number 1 forex and crypto trading community in Asia.

You can make money from forex and crypto trading.

Copy Trade Circle.

Learn and meet other Copy Trade Masters and Followers.

Masters can gain Followers and earn a higher income. Followers can find skilled Masters with the best portfolios.


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Hundreds of Tutorials From The Experts.

Learn how to analyze various markets anytime, anywhere.

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Money Management

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Get High Accuracy Trading Signals Every Day.

Get accurate signals from the Kenwilboy FX analyst team every day for a lifetime.

Exclusive KFX Indicators.

Get exclusive KFX indicators with godlike-level accuracy.

Testimonials from Kenwilboy FX.

Thousands of satisfied customers in our portfolio.
"I learned extremely valuable lessons, from zero knowledge to becoming proficient."
- Angel (Kenwilboy FX Member)
After joining, I managed to turn 100 USD into 2900 USD after joining here.
- King (Kenwilboy FX Member)
My husband is confused about where I got the money from hahaha.
- Dewi (Kenwilboy FX Member)
Initially I just joined because it was cheap, it turned out the knowledge was amazing, the people were amazing too.
- Agung (Kenwilboy FX Member)
At first I was doubtful, now I'm grateful to be able to join here.
In the past it was difficult for me to even get food, now I can make my parents happy.​
- Farhan (Kenwilboy FX Member)

Special Trading Fee.

Get special trading fees at various regulated brokers that we recommend.


- Adit (KFX Member)

“The deposit and withdrawal processes at KFX-recommended brokers are instantaneous.”

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Kenwilboy FX is a forex and crypto trading community that also provides education, signals, indicators, affiliate business opportunities (selling KFX digital products) and other trading tools.

There are various options for making money at Kenwilboy FX. You can earn money from forex trading, crypto trading, or from KFX affiliate program (selling KFX digital products). Affiliate program is recommended for those who do not have capital, while trading is recommended for those who have capital.

If you become a member and start trading forex, returns depend on your abilities and capital. There are traders who can generate returns of 10%/month, there are also those who can make 100%/month. If you choose to run the affiliate program, you will get a commission of up to 60% from each of your sales. Therefore, the affiliate program is recommended for those who can sell while trading is recommended for those who dare to take risks.

Running a KFX affiliate business means selling digital products (membership) to other people through your affiliate link, suitable for seeking capital. Meanwhile, forex trading means buying and selling contracts on the forex market, suitable for increasing your capital.

Kenwilboy FX is not a broker and does not accept customer deposits for trading. You are free to use any broker for your trading. We recommend brokers that are regulated.

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